Sunday, May 17, 2009


Torch Tiger is finished! We had a party at work to celebrate all of the pages being turned in - and it looks incredible! This book is even better than Rocket Johnson and it's 216 pages! Now we ship the files to Transcontinental Printing. They're great to work with and if you're new to the printing process they really guide you through it. I'm looking forward to working with them again. If you ever need a printer contact Andre Martin and tell him I sent you!


mark kennedy said...

You should start a game where anyone outside the studio that can recognize all those people from the back of their heads wins a free signed copy.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to getting the book at SDCC.
Also giving props to the fine folks over at Transcontinental. Andre Martin and the people from the other departments have always been very helpful and communicative when it came to producing a book.

David Gilson said...

Can't wait to discover this new graphic novel and watch all these talented artists works closer!
Especially already in love with Paul Felix's beautiful cover! ^^