Monday, May 11, 2009


"What is Torch Tiger?" is the follow up to the wildly successful "Who is Rocket Johnson?"
A graphic novel anthology being self-published by Walt Disney Animation Studio's Story Artists and Directors.
It's an all-ages book in which every artist answers the question: "What is Torch Tiger?"
It will be sold exclusively at booth 2302 in San Diego ( and is a limited edition of 1300 copies.

Cover painted by:
Paul Felix

Artists contributing stories:
Steve Anderson
Aaron Blaise
Paul Briggs
Kevin Deters
Rob Edwards
Mike Gabriel
Nathan Greno
Don Hall
Byron Howard
Trevor Jimenez
Mark Kennedy
Joe Mateo
Nicole Mitchell
John Musker
Jeff Ranjo
Aurian Redson
Jeremy Spears
Lissa Treiman
Josie Trinidad
Chris Ure
Mark Walton
Dean Wellins
Stevie Wermers
Chris Williams

Featuring pin-ups by:
Andreas Deja
Andy Harkness
Jeff Turley
Jin Kim
Shiyoon Kim

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-Paul Briggs

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